Clothes and accessories with a Moroccan soul

On May 1, 2015, Badra Bengeloune decided to fulfil her dream by creating LALY. The name comes from an affectionate nickname everyone calls her by. Established at 137 Dar Bacha Medina Marrakech, LALY is a brand of clothes and accessories with a Moroccan soul in which every woman can imagine herself regardless of where she is from.

Refined, contemporary and modern garments with a traditional and typically Moroccan twist, LALY’s creations have a casual yet very sophisticated allure.

The strong attention to the quality of the fabrics and the handcrafted inserts are distinctive features of the brand. The fabrics, in particular, are chosen after careful research in Italy, specifically in the most prestigious factories in Como and once they arrive in Morocco, they are embellished with skilful embroidery and entirely handmade decorations.


Badra Bengeloune was born on November 2, 1979, in Marrakech and has a degree in École es Gestion (Corporate Management). She is a proud mother and has been Financial Director at the Lotus Group in Marrakech. After 20 years of work, Badra decided to revisit and make one of her biggest dreams come true: to create fashion.

Clothes can tell a lot about a person and since she was a child, Badra had wished to tailor her own clothes, to talk about her world and express her character through her style.

Passionate about history, music, dance and travel, Badra believes that creative energy can come from any disciplinary field, from any place and that is why she has always loved travelling around the world (Amsterdam, Paris, London). And of course one place particularly close to her heart – the deserted beach of Chez Mounir, near Assilah in Morocco. And it is from here that Badra is inspired to create her first collection in 2015 and open her fashion boutique in Marrakech. Encouraged by the positive feedback she received, in a few months she opened a second store that quickly placed LALY among the trendiest local brands.

But Badra’s ambitions don’t stop there, she desires that one day every woman can express her originality through their own style wearing at least one of LALY’s creations.